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Company Background

TerraGen Solar is a leading rooftop solar PV mounting system supplier. TerraGen's TGR system is unique in the industry and is our signature product. Some of the benefits that you will realize when using TGR, includes but is not limited to; saving money on installation (feedback of up to 50% less labour cost compared to similarly price flat roof systems), save money on anchors or ballast (global loading as low as 2.3 PSF fully ballasted), clamp the modules within manufacturers specified zones (we verify we won't compromise your module warranty), enhanced ability for wire management, enhanced construction drawings (racking structural package and project-specific construction package), ultimate design flexibility (any tilt angle - any inter-row spacing), and the security of over 50 MW installed. We can design the TGR system to overcome site-specific challenges such as building structural reserve constraints, specific load transfer requirements and elevated systems. Call us today! 

Corporate Social Responsibility

TerraGen is committed to reducing waste, conserving energy and being completely transparent with all of our operations. We are in the solar industry for the long haul, not just to make a quick buck off of the FIT program. We at TerraGen firmly believe in values-based decision making.

Relationship Management

TerraGen has strong working relationships with clients, regulators (I.E, OPA, ESA& LDC), supply chain partners, design collaborators, construction partners, and Finance partners.


Our Value


Utilizing technology to deliver maximum energy yields and cost efficiency Solar Design using state of the art PVSOL Inverter and string sizing calculations and optimization Shading calculations.


To deploy the highest standards of engineering, construction and quality to exceed the expectations of our clients, to offer value to all of our stakeholders and to always display professionalism and high moral standards.


We work as if the projects were our own


We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day


Any challenge is an opportunity


The team at TerraGen is always a pleasure to work with. Recent projects have had unique constraints, including building a raised system on steel joists, and adapting the TerraGen system to a pitched steel roof. In each case, TerraGen has risen to the occasion, helping us overcome these site-specific challenges and deliver quality, cost-effective systems.

I have worked with TerraGen on roughly 5 MW of projects and am always happy with their products and services. They have had the ability and willingness to overcome any challenge that has presented itself. Their TGR system is a prefect balance of affordability and quality and provides the necessary support to de-risk the solar asset from module failure.

We have worked with Terragen on many successful projects. They are customer service oriented, and bring a full compliment of technical expertise to each and every project.

Brant Renewable Energy has worked with TerraGen Solar to supply several MW worth of racking for our projects. Their complete product portfolio is industry leading and they have always shown a commitment to customer service. Whether it is addressing onsite concerns, obtaining conformance letters from module manufacturers, or assisting in evaluating various mounting system options on any given project; they always find solutions that addresses all stakeholders concerns in our projects.

TerraGen’s TGP mounting system is our preferred system of choice. We manufacture our own asphalt shingle flashings and the TGP system integrates through their angle bracket seamlessly. TerraGen’s support and ability to respond in a timely manner allow us to focus on our core business without having to worry about racking supply. They cut rails for us and package all necessary components for each of our projects, which saves us time on site.

TerraGen Solar was able to design a customized system based on their TGT mounting system for a PV project of ours on a 100-year-old house. The TGT system with its flexibility and ease of installation was a great solution for us and it was able to address setback constraints of the project. The team at TerraGen was accommodating in our design requests and very easy to work with.

Hakai Energy Solutions has just completed a 100kW PV installation with the TerraGen TGR system on the Selkirk College in Castlegar. We have used this product before, but each time we are further impressed with the ease and speed of installation. This comes as a result of the practical design and careful engineering by the manufacturer. Quality of the product Hakai delivers to its clients is of the utmost importance. The TGR system is robust, clean, and is easily provisioned for buildings with various risk categories. It has become our preferred flat roof product for large systems and/or facilities with low ballast requirements.    

“I personally was very impressed with the process/final product - specifically attention to detail. It was reassuring that we were sent a construction package that my installation lead could review with your team prior to construction. It was also good to know that every nut and bolt was accounted for since our projects can be located in extremely remote locations. If something is missing it can cause major delays.” – Drew Cameron 

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