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Flat Roof Structure | TGR EAST/WEST

If you want to increase the module density and kWp on your rooftop space without sacrificing module support or potentially voiding your module warranty, then TGR in an East/West orientation is the ideal solution for you. This system can be either ballasted or mechanically fixed; or a hybrid of the two and can be installed on any roof type. TGR East/West is competitively priced, easier to install, and offers better support for the modules.

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System Features & Benefits

  •   Global loading as low as 2.3 psf reduces up to 50% of total ballast.
  •   Railed based system eliminate point loading on your roof by transferring the load through the continuous base rails.
  •   No wind screen required.
  •   Pre-assembled components reduce installation time and cost by as much as 50%.
  •   Detailed Structural and construction package create on-site efficiencies.
Inclinations 30 - 150
Global Load <3 PSF
Panel Orientation Portrait or Landscape
Material Aluminum and galvanized steel
Row Spacing ANY
Roof Type All types of flat roofs
Roof Pitch <50
Grounding Method 2 Points per array
Building Height ANY
Wind Speed ANY
Wind Tunnel Testing RWDI Certified

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