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February 20th, 2018

It was a pleasure meeting you at Solar Power Northeast!

 It was a pleasure meeting you at Solar Power Northeast!

TerraGen was exhibiting at Solar Power Northeast in Boston last week. With so many professional development opportunities, the show was a success!  #SolarNE

TerraGen provides cost-effective, value added PV mounting systems. If you have a challenging project that needs a unique design, TerraGen can help! Our skilled engineers and project managers have experience designing and supplying solutions to suit your specific requirements. Our TGR flat roof mounting system is the go to product for many developers and installers. The major benefits of the TGR system that you could realize are:

- Reduce up to 50% of ballast or mechanical attachments  global loading as low as 2.4 psf
- Security of over 40 MW installed
- Detailed structural and construction packages create on-site efficiencies
- Pre-assembled components reduce installation time and cost by as much as 50%
- Ultimate flexibility with completely customizable tilt angles and inter-row spacing

We’ve worked on a diverse range of projects across North America and we’re proud of each. Check out our website at for more features and benefits! Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to connecting in the near future.
Best Regards,
Darren Jones

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