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March 20th, 2020

TerraGen COVID-19 Update

TerraGen COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020  
TerraGen Solar COVID-19 Update  

Dear Valued Customers and Friends;  

During these times of uncertainty and duress caused by the recent developments of COVID-19, our team at TerraGen Solar would like to extend our best wishes to everyone affected and impacted by this pandemic. We would like to acknowledge and send our gratitude to the health care professionals and front-line workers battling this virus head on. THANK YOU!  

The health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers and the community at large, remains our top priority. As such, we are continuing to monitor the guidance and recommendation of the US and Canadian federal governments as well as the World Health Organization to ensure that we are taking the necessary precautions for the safety of everyone.  

While this pandemic has led to the cancellation of all non-essential travel and we are preparing for the remote work of all capable staff, please have confidence in us that we are doing everything we can and we are committed to supporting our clients and to continue to offer our regular products and services, through this time.   Thank you for your positivity, understanding, continued business, and we look forward to working through this situation together.  


Darren Jones  
Business Development

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