Services We Provide

Here at TerraGen Solar we are much more than just a racking supplier, which makes us your ideal partner. We have a wealth of experience and welcome you to browse through our value added services to see if we can address any of your pain points.

Building structural review

All of your projects' structural considerations managed by us with one single contact point.

Solar Layout, Design and Solar System Modelling

Are you looking for a partner to assist you with solar layouts or PV design? Our engineers utilize PV SYST and PV Sol to conduct our modelling. We would be happy to assist you with yours.

Building Reinforcement Design

We have experience in designing economic structural reinforcement plans to ensure your project meets budget.

On site installation support

Our project managers have solar construction experience and are happy to conduct on-site training.

Roof or ground surverys

If your having trouble finding a reliable partner to give you accurate surveys, give us a call.

Roofing System Analysis

Let there be no surprises. We recommend and offer a roofing system analysis prior to installing the solar system.

Note: Services may not apply to your area.



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